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How to get Vietnam visa for United Arab Emirate UAE passport holders?

How to get Vietnam visa for United Arab Emirate UAE passport holders?

How to get Vietnam visa for UAE
Vietnam has recently emerged as a tourist hotspot in the world. This resulted in a lot of tourists including those from United Arab Emirates - UAE flocking to Vietnam. However United Arab Emirates UAE not being included in the list of nations that have explicitly been granted a waiver, citizens from UAE are mandatorily required to possess a visa of Vietnam for UAE in order to travel to Vietnam.

Traveling to Vietnam scheme is the favored route because it is so easy. However, before proceeding to Vietnam there are certain procedural formalities that have to be fulfilled. The first step is to get in touch with an authorized and registered agency, which helps in the processing of visa on arrival application forms. You can get in touch with the local embassy of Vietnam in order to verify the agency before proceeding with any type of transaction.


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If you live far way from location of Vietnam embassy or you live in other countries ,don't worry, please apply through an online Vietnam visa website. Luckily there is a visa on arrival agreement in place for citizens of UAE, which has made the process much less cumbersome and extremely streamlined and unbelievably simple. It is recommended that you opt for online websites as they process your application much faster and are authentic enough. You will be charged a visa application processing fee, be advised that this fee is variable and depends on the number of qualifiers that you add to your visa for example whether you want a multiple entry or a single entry visa and also the speed of the service for example the standard service takes about 1-2 business days; however an express service will process the same for you in 1- 4 hours and also as per the type of visa for example whether you want a tourist or a business visa.

After filling up all the details, the visa agent will take care all procedure on your behalf to get approval letter from Vietnam Immigration Department regarding your visa on arrival Vietnam. These documents along with two photos are all that is required for you to enter Vietnam. The immigration office at the Vietnam airport is open 24/7 and will grant you visa on the spot.

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